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Privacy Policy

posted on Monday 29th June, 2020

Picnics Of Ireland respect your privacy. We are striving to provide transparency for any data about our users that we collect and how it will be used.

The information we gather, and how it is used, are listed in the following sections.

Data we collect from you

We collect your computer device’s IP address as soon as you visit this website. Cookies may be placed on your computer for analytic purposes and to enhance your experience while using Picnics Of Ireland. These cookies will only be allowed by your client device if you have already expressed acceptance of these cookies. Examples of cookies used include those provided by Google Analytics, Instagram and Facebook. Picnics Of Ireland do not use Facebook Pixel. We also collect your browser and operating system details, geographic location and the trail you follow through the websites of Picnics Of Ireland.

You will be asked for your email address if you wish to reply to a Picnics Of Ireland post. The email address you provide will be retained on PicnicsOfIreland.com until your message is deleted.

In the future we may require email addresses to provide you with more information or to allow access to services that will be provided only to members.

By providing us with your email address in these circumstances you give us explicit permission to store this address and any name associated with it.


This website does NOT use Jetpack by Automaticc – your data is secure. Tracking is used solely while you are on this website.

How we will use this data and who we share it with

Your IP address is stored in a log and can be accessed by the site’s administrators and An Garda Síochána in Ireland if requested. It will not be distributed or used by Picnics Of Ireland for any purpose other than for maintaining the site. We may also use Google Analytic cookies to serve you targeted advertisements if you have allowed this feature in your Google account, in which case your IP address will also be collected by Google for their own purposes.

If you have commented on a Picnics Of Ireland post you may be offered a cookie which will allow us to show you how many posts you have made and will also allow us, in combination with the IP information, to ban users who abuse other users or the site’s services.

Other information, such as screen resolution, browser and operating system, will be used to ensure that your experience Picnics Of Ireland is as good as we can make it.

What we expect from you

We want you to enjoy using this site and if you choose to communicate with others on here, to be able to do so in a safe and respectful manner. Our aim is to ensure that all of our readers and users are treated with respect and compassion.

Abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.
Users posting advertisements in comments will be banned.