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Posted by David on Saturday 10th April, 2021

We’ve had some time off from writing and thinking about picnics but the coronavirus lockdowns have had us wondering when we’ll next be able to go beyond 5km to eat out in beautiful locations around Ireland. We’ve started rebuilding the map page – if you have a location that you would like to share, please send us an email at info@picnicsofireland.com and we’ll add it to the map. Ideally include the longitude and latitude so we can locate it precisely, along with a photo and a description of why you think it’s a wonderful picnic spot. We’ll soon have a form that you can fill in to add new spots which should make things easier 🙂

So we were wondering when we’d get out for a picnic again, and thinking the site was lacking any of the write ups on the travel that we were allowed to do last year, and would the site be of use to anyone at all, when we remembered the trips we were able to make last year, and the numbers of people we did see with picnic baskets and flasks – so we know there are definitely people as keen on finding new places to picnic as we are!

To that end, we have decided to launch a NEW SEASON of Picnics Of Ireland! Mary and I will be writing up our picnics from last year when we had a little more freedom, and hopefully, as the restrictions are gradually removed, new sites and recipes to tempt you out over the spring and summer.

Fields and estuaries in Co. Kerry
Mary in a field in Kerry!

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