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Picnic Locations

Gleninchaquin Park

A surreal parkland that demands investigation and exploration. Magical views, waterfalls and cliffs challenge your expectations at this lovely location in Kerry.

Galtee Castle Woods

Attychraan Loop Walk In late December, just before the current travel restrictions came into place, we set off on a picnic. We stayed within County Limerick, visiting Galtee Castle Wood, a. magical sounding place that we had been meaning to visit for a while. The walk is not far from Kilbehenny, and the area is […]

Sliabh Riadh

When it comes to viewpoints, Sliabh Rí is hard to beat. Overlooking the border with Cork and Tipperary, it’s a challenging walk but when you get there you’ll be delighted and have a great chance to dangle your legs over a precipice.

Lough Gur

We love Lough Gur. Located between Bruff and Limerick City, it’s a site with history, nooks, crannies, woodland and wildlife that is best visited early in the day.