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posted on Sunday 19th July, 2020

We love going on picnics and suspect you do too! We bet you know a few nice picnic spots in your area and we’d love it if you would share them with us.

We’ll be adding new spots to the map ourselves each week as we go out and about, but that’s going to take time – with your suggestions and photos added to the map below as well, we’ll definitely be getting closer to having the best picnic spots of Ireland!

Have a cup of tea while thinking about the description you’ll give to you map location!

We don’t just want the beautiful places! Picnic benches at service stations or parking spots, places that you stop at on a long journey to get out of the car and stretch your legs and relax – anywhere you can stop, have a bite to eat and pour yourself a cup of tea.

You can search for a rough location in the ‘Search Location’ field, and then zoom in on the map and pinpoint the spot that you love (the Search Location field will then fill with the exact latitude and longitude of the spot you picked). Add a photo if you can. If you want to keep in contact or send us a longer write up, email us for details and we’ll help you publish it to the site.

Clicking on a marker will give you a bit of information, and at the bottom you will find a link to get directions. The directions will open in your default mapping application. Enjoy and explore!


The key for the map:
a picnic basket – no benches, just a beautiful spot to have a picnic.

a picnic bench – there are picnic benches and other amenities here.

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