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Welcome to the Picnics Of Ireland website. We aim to provide you with regular updates of picnic information for Ireland, reviews and tips for real picnics, and more specifically, the best picnic spots in Ireland. If you're just wanting a beautiful walk in an amazing place or are stopping off on a long journey with a destination on the other side of Ireland and just need to know where there's a bench that you can set yourself down, relax and enjoy your flask or shop bought cup of tea, we're here to help!

The Locations part of this site will host our personal reviews of picnic locations that we've been to ourselves. There'll be lots of photos and information about these places but please remember we're open to any recommendations of places to visit. Each page will have a map with the exact location that we're talking about marked on it.

In the Recipes section we'll be putting our concoctions, favourite portable foods and typical menus up for you to take inspiration from or make your own. Anything related to food or drink will appear here. While recipes will primarily be vegetarian, with a little dollop of creativity you can adjust them to your own requirements.
Don't expect photos of a cornucopia on a sunny mountain top, baskets overflowing with fruit and cherubs with parasols offering unneccessary shade! Our picnic meals and suggestions will be realistic and easily achievable with just a little bit of effort.

Finally we've an interactive Map of Picnic Spots in Ireland. You can add a location that you love or use it to find places near to you (once more locations have been added) that maybe you didn't know about. We also want to include as many picnic benches as possible, so if there's a bench with a tabletop near you now, add it! Be sure to check back regularly and add your favourite spots you want to share with the rest of Ireland.

Recent Posts

posted on Sunday 18th April, 2021

Gleninchaquin Park

A surreal parkland that demands investigation and exploration. Magical views, waterfalls and cliffs challenge your expectations at this lovely location in Kerry.

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posted on Saturday 10th April, 2021

Galtee Castle Woods

Attychraan Loop Walk In late December, just before the current travel restrictions came into place, we set off on a picnic. We stayed within County Limerick, visiting Galtee Castle Wood, a. magical sounding place that we had been meaning to visit for a while. The walk is not far from Kilbehenny, and the area is […]

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posted on Wednesday 19th August, 2020

Sliabh Riadh

When it comes to viewpoints, Sliabh Rí is hard to beat. Overlooking the border with Cork and Tipperary, it’s a challenging walk but when you get there you’ll be delighted and have a great chance to dangle your legs over a precipice.

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posted on Monday 13th July, 2020

Tortilla de Patata – Spanish Omelette

About this recipe… This is a recipe that is simple and delicious and can be eaten hot or cold, making it ideal for chopping into pieces and packing in a picnic. A stalwart of picnics in the mountains or on the beaches of Galicia, it tastes amazing with eggs from the grain-fed free-range hens there. […]

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posted on Sunday 12th July, 2020

The Joy of A Flask Of Tea!

There’s something about preparing a flask of tea…. to me, it is a sure sign that I’m about to head off on an adventure of some kind! Find out how I ensure the best cup of tea when out on a picnic or on a long work day here.

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posted on Wednesday 1st July, 2020

Lough Gur

We love Lough Gur. Located between Bruff and Limerick City, it’s a site with history, nooks, crannies, woodland and wildlife that is best visited early in the day.

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